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Academic Writing

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Academic Writing for International Students

This course gives you everything you need to write great essays, dissertations and more without your English writing skills holding you back. Learn to understand arguments, develop your written language skills and start thinking more critically with practical instruction you can start using right away.

Introduction to Academic Writing

Here you will learn how academic writing is different to other types of writing, the standard formats you will have to use, and the unique challenges that academic writing presents to international students.

Reading and Researching

Here you will learn how to read faster, like a real academic. Then we will show you the best ways to research your sources for essay-writing like a pro!

Planning An Essay

Planning is the most important aspect of essay writing. Learn why, and how to do it, here.

The Writing Process from Start to Finish

Here you will learn how to sit down and write a brilliant essay from start to finish.

Developing Style

Improve your written language skills by learning how to use the academic style like a veteran academic.

Editing and Proofreading

Editing is often overlooked as one of the key parts of writing any great piece. Here you will learn to edit the faster, easier way.

Models, Formats and Variations

Academic writing takes many forms. Learn about the most important and the special rules for each one.


Learn some final tips about getting into the mindset of a great writer, and turn in your final project.

Useful Further Information

More useful materials and information you can use to keep on improving!