Most teachers, classes and online courses teach using methods that don't work as well as they should. That means you waste up to 90% of your learning time, without solving your English language problems! At Comet English we design all of our classes and materials using the best education science so that you can learn English faster and smarter.


If you're not motivated, you're not going to try. A smart learner understands how their motivation works and how to use it to help them, not slow them down.

Targeted Practise

Everyone works better when they have a target to aim at. Smart learners use targets to measure their own progress and help themselves do better.


A smart learner knows how to organize the knowledge in their own minds so they know what parts of the language they need to improve in.


Smart learners know what they can do, what they need to improve, and how to improve themselves to achieve deep language learning faster.

Our Most Popular Courses

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Smart Learning Basics

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Learn English Faster

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What Our Students Have to Say

I've tried many english lessons, but so far these are the best!
Georgi Pavloff
I have been working with English-speaking people for ten years, but I want to change many things in my knowledge. I don’t have enough time for courses, but these videos are a way to increase my level. I am thankful that I found them.
Maya Petrova
This course was very helpfull for me!
Ivan Vaklinov
Everything is explained quickly and interestingly.My kid was paying attention all the time. So I recommend it to everyone!
Silvester Krustev